Angie Jewels

Angie Jewels: Petite South African Camgirl and Adult Model

Intelligent, witty, sexy, dominant yet fun 24 year old exhibitionist. I love & embrace every part of my body. So as long as I assume you have good taste, and are not blind, it’s a guarantee that so will you.

However, beware. It is not my looks that make men so addicted. Despite being an exhibitionist (sexually mostly) I am quite introverted. By that I mean that not just anyone ever gets to see the real me. Although, once I do let someone in, it is a friendship I value deeply and that nothing can break.

I am turned on by humility but not lack of self confidence. I love to see a person’s passion, love a man who has dreams and goals, and aspires for greater than what he currently has.

I dig honesty, sometimes to my own detriment, but who cares? Money doesn’t mean that much to me, so the biggest mistake one can make with me is to assume that anything has a price tag. If you have money, that is a bonus, you still need respect, common sense, and personality to keep a conversation going with me.

I may be kinky and naughty and very very bad, but that is because I am in touch with my sexuality and not ashamed of it. That does not make me easy.

I am also a qualified therapist and NLP Practitioner, so in both cases – TIME = MONEY hunny 😉


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Angie Jewels’s Stats:

Birthday: 1992-10-03 Weight: 50 kg
Hometown: Kiev Height: 1,65 cm
Heritage: Gypsy Hair: Dark, Long, Wild
Languages: English, Russian Eyes: Dark and Mysterious
Orientation: Bisexual Tattoo: Yes