Emma Lovett

Emma Lovett: Gorgeous Blonde Foot Fetish Model and Camgirl

When I was 19 years old I started on my career in live webcam modeling. Immediately people were drawn to my feet. I was amazed and flattered by the attention my feet were getting(: It made me feel really good hearing all the compliments and little things about my toes, arches and soles I hadn’t even noticed before.

I first noticed my feet were different when I started ballet class at age 8. I had a higher arch and doing balet probably helped build the muscles in my feet to maintain it. People go crazy over my arches and love seeing me do foot jobs with them.

My favorite videos to make are ones in which I get to tease you with my long, slender legs and I love wiggling my toes, wrinlking my sole and flexing my arch in front of the camera. I like it when the camera is on the floor with me standing over it, it makes me feel empowered(:

I have all kinds of different videos to satisfy every facet of your foot fetish. I recently began naming each video after the nail polish featured in it. Don’t forget you can contact me any time and make a color request for the upcoming video. I love hearing from you guys so don’t be shy!


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Emma Lovett’s Stats:

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Weight: 125
Heritage: European Height: 5’10
Languages: English  Hair: Blonde
Orientation: Bi-Sexual Eyes: Brown
Measurements: Tall and slender Piercing: Belly Button & Ears


Emma Lovett’s Filmography:

2015 — Sex Diaries (Minnow Films)

2014 — Sex/Now (HBO)


Emma Lovett’s Awards:

2016 Adult Webcam Awards – Best Live Cam Models Personal Website

2016 Live Cam Awards – Best Live Cam Couple

2015 Live Cam Awards – Best Live Cam Couple