Empress Jess

Empress Jess: Jamaican Femdom and Adult Model

I am Empress Jess. The powerful and seductively beautiful ebony succubus. I am an aspiring pro-domme living in Jamaica. Yes, I know Jamaica is a male-dominated society, but everyday I meet more and more men who are very submissive and just afraid to admit it. Thank heavens I am here to enlighten their darkness and bring an end to such madness. I must say, I was not aware that My influential, greedy and spoiled way of life was so constructed until I stumbled across an article on the tabooed topic of bdsm a couple of years ago (2012). There started the beginning of my life!

I began to understand the reasons to certain behaviours of males and found a greater joy in using them and making them my pets. After all, why else were they created? I grew up in a christian dominated society and I am of the view that after God made man and realised that the man was bored and lonely, God then created Woman, for the man to serve and keep happy. end of story. Now I pride Myself in being a supreme Female. I like My slaves to be well mannered, polite and above all respectful. But in order to understand virtue, one must acquaint themselves with vice. Behind My breathtaking beauty, lies a wicked and manipulative mind. Do not underestimate My intelligence for one second. you will regret it.

My kinks include: (not limited to)

  • Financial domination/Slavery
  • Feet/boot/shoe fetishes
  • Sissification
  • CBT
  • Tease and Denial
  • Slut training
  • Pet play
  • Strap on Worship
  • Corporal Punishments

Curious about:

Water torture, fire play

My hard limits:

Animals, full toilet training, Blood and minors.

I practice the principles of RACK and SSC.

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Empress Jess’s Stats:

 Hometown: Jamaica  Height: 5’3″
 Heritage: Jamaican  Hair: Brown
 Orientation: Monogamy  Eyes:vBrown
 Weight: 120