Gen Padova

Gen Padova: Professional and Amateur Porn Star – Bio and Links

Growing up I was very shy and reserved unless I knew someone well, then I was comfortable to be my goofy self. In school, I was so quiet that I’m sure most people had no idea I was around. Little did they know what kind of sex crazed freak I was and how often I fantasized about it!

I went all through high school without a kiss. I’m not even sure how I managed to pull it off. I guess when you’ve never had the forbidden fruit, it helps. When I started college shortly after my 18th birthday, I got a digital camera and used it for my personal sexual exploration. Then, later on shared all those photographs with the internet back in 1999. Let’s just say I was one of your original REAL girl next door using the internet as a sexual outlet. Little did I know, soon after would I be doing adult modeling as my everyday self for the entire world to see.

At 19 I had my first kiss and gave my 1st blow job. By this time, I was establishing my fan base and became known as that fresh new young girl every photographer wanted to be a part of. I was asked to do movies other than masturbation stuff but my biggest dilemma was that I was still a virgin!!! By 20 I FINALLY lost my virginity. And I remember every bit of it. Unlike many people, my experience was fantastic. Then three months later I took the biggest leap of my porn “career.” And here I am!

What sets me apart from many is that what you see and watch is truly who I am. Every thing I do and feel in my videos and pictures is real. This is my adult life documented for you to witness and enjoy for as long as you dare. It’s been well over 10 years now and I’m a lucky girl to have some of the best fan-friends I could ever have; who have stuck with me throughout so many years. Without you all, I wouldn’t have made it this long. 


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Gen Padova’s Stats:

 Birthday: 1981-08-02  Weight: 100lbs
 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA  Height: 4’11”
 Heritage: Italian  Hair: Natural Red Head
 Languages: English, Spanish & Italian  Tattoo: Around Right Ankle
 Measurements: 33B – 22 – 34  Piercing: Belly Button


Gen Padova’s Awards:

2014 AVN Nominee – Best Solo Girl Website
2005 XRCO Nominee – Unsung Siren
2004 AVN Nominee – Best All-Girl Sex Scene
2004 XRCO Nominee – Unsung Siren
2003 XRCO Nominee – Unsung Siren