GoddessNaeNae: African American Findom Camgirl / Amateur Pornstar

You may only address me as: Goddess, Mistress, or Queen. Any other name is absolutely unacceptable. Kudos to you! You’ve stumbled upon the fortress to your true destiny. Aren’t you just lucky? I, Goddess NaeNae believes so. Time for you to drop to your knees and Worship ME. I am after all a Goddess. Now that you’ve entered MY realm of domination, your suffering will begin at the hands and directions of ME.

Imagine yourself bowing down and sacrifice your every fiber and penny for MY happiness. You will provide ME with a lavish lifestyle, all on your dime. Your suffering gives ME the beautiful glow I illuminate. Causing you to be hypnotized into paying ME, obeying ME, and falling madly in love with ME. ​ You will infiltrate and experience Financial Slavery to Me, a beautiful, stunning, hypnotic superior FinDomme.

You can’t resist the temptation and thought of being My ATM at anytime. Day or night. At any moment, you’ll be used as My ATM. There is nothing you desire more than to be taken for all you have by a sadistic financial Domme who will live a life of luxury all funded by you. You are a worthless puppet, taking My commands and following through.

I am a master manipulator. I already control your weak mind. You can’t resist the beauty of my big brown eyes, hypnotic beauty, and mesmerizing complexion. With My ability to look and act innocent, don’t be mistaken, I have a deviant mind that is oh so hard for you to handle. A mind you’ll be controlled by. You will break. You will sacrifice. You will Obey. As I am a natural superior woman, as you are a weak playtoy. A toy to use for My entertainment and My financial desires. Your weak mind makes it easy for Me to control. I have the ability to get you wrapped around My silky soft fingers. My soft velvet voice filling your head. You’ll be at My beck and call. My financial slave. Being My vulnerable boytoy is what makes My body tingle. Submit and pay Me, your Superior.


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GoddessNaeNae’s Stats:

 Birthday: 1992-02-06  Height: 5’2″
 Heritage: African American and Sicilian  Hair: Blue
 Languages: English  Eyes: Brown
 Orientation: Bisexual  Tattoos: 8
 Weight: 125  Piercings: 1