Jessica Alvarez

Jessica Alvarez: Petite and Sexy Tattooed Latina Camgirl

Hi! If you are reading this is cause you are my friend now and you like the tattooed women. I am 20 years old in a body of 15 and my way of thinking is over 100 so never joke with me! lol

My tattoos do not represent sex, alcohol, drugs and rock and roll… well just a little bit.

I love being at home, but I just love being when I have so much food (my mind controls me, telling me to eat, and I am so obedient).

I love being with Alien (Don’t be stressed is my cat) and watching Netflix in the evenings. I also like sleeping, dancing and sleeping again and that is who I am . Posing for pictures is such a good hobby even when I am sad it makes me feel so comfortable.

Every single day I try to enjoy my time broadcasting and I love bringing so much happiness to each lovely and pretty guy in the chatroom. I love who i am, so get to know more about this pretty princess.

I hope you enjoy it as I do. Kisses And hugs with so much love,

Jessica Alvarez


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Jessica Alvarez: Collection Of Adult Glamour Modeling Photos

Petite Tattooed Babe Jessica Alvarez Teasing In Skimpy Lingerie

Adult Glamour Model Jessica Alvarez Warehouse Photoshoot

Tattoo Latina Babe Jessica Alvarez Black and White Photoshoot

Colombian Adult Model Jessica Alvarez Naked In Nature


Jessica Alvarez’s Stats:

 Birthday: 1996-07-12  Weight: 45Kg
 Hometown: Medellin  Height: 1.65 mt
 Heritage: Latina  Hair: Black
 Languages: Spanish and English  Eyes: Dark
 Orientation: Bisexual  Tattoo: Many
 Measurements: Thin  Piercing: Nipples