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Jillian Janson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She is of mixed Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, and Norwegian descent. Jillian at one point lived with her mother in a small camper as well as with her dad in Indiana in the wake of her parents splitting up when she was little. Her teenage jobs included fast food (age 14), telemarketing (age 16), Walgreens and as a waitress at Perkins (age 17).

Ready to rock the world of adult entertainment, Jillian Janson wants you to know she is the starlet to watch! Raised in the midwest in a household of strong women, Jillian was never shy about her sexuality. Growing up in a conservative area where anything sexual was ignored, Jillian found her lusty urges frowned upon. Exploring her budding sexuality, and loving every minute of it, Jillian pushed on through her teenage years feeling awkward in her skin for wanting to express herself creatively and sexually. Turning to pornography as a mentor, Jillian honed a refined sense of her sexual prowess at a young age, turning the growing murmurs of her peers into a positive catalyst for her growing desire to explore the adult industry.

Taking the plunge, Jillian started with webcam and ended up in a private session with the man who became (and still is) her agent. After only a few days, she found herself flying to Southern California to pursue an adult film career. Jillian lost her virginity at age thirteen and did her first hardcore shoot at age eighteen for the website Barely Legal while still in high school (she eventually had to drop out of high school because she was being harassed by students after they found out she was in porn).

Happy that both webcam modeling and adult films allowed her to free her deepest physical desires and hyper-charged sexuality, Jillian broke away from the traditional path of college after high school and took the adult industry head on. Having already shot for companies like Evil Angel, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Girlfriend Films, and Digital Playground and having appeared in Penthouse and Club International, Jillian Janson is making sure she is one hot, young blonde people quickly remember.

When not refining her flexible moves or industry know-how, Jillian can be found living her life the way she’d always dreamed – trips to the beach, dancing, visiting friends, and exhibiting her love for nudity and art as best she can. Focused on building her image and exhibiting her high energy personality, Jillian plans on taking hip hop classes and pole dancing lessons so she can realize another dream – feature dancing for her growing fanbase with extreme passion and hot, seductive moves. Jillian also enjoys twerking in her spare time.


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Hometown: Minneapolis Weight: 121 Lbs
Heritage: Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, and Norwegian Height: 5’6″
Languages: English Hair: Dirty Blonde/Light Brown