Krisztina Sereny

Krisztina Sereny: Fitness Model / Amateur Pornstar With Huge Fake Tits

My name is Krisztina Sereny. I’m the first ever fitness champion who got the cover of Playboy Magazine worldwide. I was born on 6th of August, in Budapest, Hungary as second child of a sporting family. Due to the fact that my father was a professional swimmer it is almost self evident that I was swimming in a children sport team since I was 3 and in a junior team later on.

I attended the swimmer nursery school and a sport primary school afterwards. When I was 14 my attention was attracted by a sport completely new to me: fencing. Until the age of 18 I was fencing as a representative player in the junior Hungarian international team. In the meantime I was successful ans I got my degree in the secondary school called Russian-Hungarian Bilingual school.

I continued my studies on the academy for European assistant manager training called Schola Europa. Due to my knee injury I had to quit fencing for good. I met with my fitness trainer Gabe David in 1997, and this meeting changed my life completely. I earned 4th place on the Hungarian Championship in the first season. I was bronze medalist on the International Grand Prix held in Slovakia, also earned 2nd place on the Hungarian Natural Body Building competition and I won the Hungarian Fitness Cup in 1998.


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 Languages: English, Spanish  Hair: Blonde
 Orientation: Bisexual  Eyes: Green
 Measurements: Athletic, firm with huge tits  Tattoos: Yes
 Weight: 68 kilos  Piercings: No
 Height: 175 cm