Luxlives: Kinky Fetish Model and Camgirl

I’ve always been a highly sexual person, and started making videos and doing live camming as an extension of my own sexuality. Now I’ve been a full time fetish model since 2015, and I could not be happier that I get to provide amazing sexual experiences for a living! I’m a kinky girl and was a lifestyler long before I worked in the industry. When I cam, make videos, or take photos, I’m always thinking of what will be that sexy little detail you never forget. I strive for a permanent home in your spank bank!

I’m always hungry for variety, but some of my favorite fetishes are: bondage, D/s, sensory deprivation, face sitting, roleplay, giantess, feet play & worship, instructional (JOI, CEI), gender transformation, feeding/vore, blackmail, and taboo!

Otherwise, I’m a huge stoner and love to smoke weed every day. I’m a vegan cook and enjoy using lots of spices for elaborate flavors. Having spent most of my life in Colorado, hiking and camping are naturally also major hobbies for me! I love professional wrestling as well, namely WWE, PWG, and New Japan. Get to know me more by joining a live cam show sometime!


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Luxlives’s Stats:

 Hometown: Denver, Colorado  Hair: Blue
 Heritage: Norwegian, Swedish  Eyes: Green
 Orientation: Pansexual  Tattoos: Yes
 Measurements: Tall & Slender B 37″ W 30″ H 40″  Piercings: No
 Height: 6’1″