Mistress Salem

Mistress Salem: Petite and Tattooed Blonde Professional Femdom

Once you are Mine, you will never desire to escape. There are too many doors to open inside of Me for you to be inclined to seek an exit.

I specialize in many areas of Domination and take pride in My talent at completely entrancing you and giving you a fixation– Someone to dream about, a person to construct fantasies with, a Goddess to fulfill your every desire while keeping you safely under My perfectly manicured thumb. I am also a freaky Princess and enjoy engaging in your perversions just as much as you do. There is no such thing as disappointment here; perhaps only the threat of finding yourself caught too deeply in My web.

Have no fear. Trust is the foundation of all of My Domme/sub relationships, even those with the strongest elements of blackmail and control. I get off on getting you off. The process is reciprocal. Your respect and adoration are mandatory. My rules are different for all relationships depending on specifics. I have a careful eye for detail and every sub under My care receives a personalized training itinerary along with specialized perks depending on their individual situation. I seek to satisfy My intense need for Domination by fulfilling your desires as a true submissive.


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Mistress Salem’s Stats:

 Languages: English  Hair: Platinum Blonde
 Orientation: Pansexual  Eyes: Blue
 Measurements: Slender  Tattoos: Many
 Height: 5’9  Piercings: No