SweetxMelody: Petite Young Japanese Camgirl

Don’t let my innocent charm full you, I’m into all kinds of naughty role play with the most twisted fantasies.  I’m every man’s dream as both companion and bedwarmer, but a little pervert when it comes to women.

I’ve dabbled in some adult modeling and during that I discovered that I have an uncommon squirting capability.  It is uncommon in that I tend to get soaking wet almost instantly, no matter what position I’m in, as long as I am touching my clit.

Another unique feature one of my photographers pointed out is that I have a magical vagina.  It is magical in a way that it is very muscular, which is again highly uncommon, and contracts constantly during stimulation so that it plays as visual eye candy and provides optimal physical pleasure.  The photographer described it as if there are a DOZEN tongues massaging and tightening around whatever goes inside.  If you watch any of my videos you will see exactly what he means!

I still have much to learn about sex, love, friendship, and life.  Fortunately, I’m eager to learn which leaves me open to new ideas and experiences.  There is no doubt that this Wonderland will be a fun, wet, wild adventure for the both of us!

Join me in my sexual endeavors and get to know everything about me through my videos, photos and wonderful blogs!  This is my Wonderland, my fantasy, my great escape. Join me or regret a missed opportunity to meet someone Out of this World.


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SweetxMelody’s Stats:

 Hometown: Japan  Height: 5’4″
 Heritage: Japanese / Dominican  Hair: Brown
 Languages: English /  Japanese  Eyes: Brown
 Measurements: 32AA, 24 Waist, 36 Hip  Tattoo: A heart that reads BELOVED
 Weight: 105 Lbs  Piercing: Ears